Oxygen Control OC 2017

Your best partner in the combustion optimization industry and flue gas (oxygen) analyses.

Oxygen Control OC 2017


OC2017 is a flagged product of our development, it is modern platform that is compatible with almost all systems and with software upgrade almost with all sensor technologies, and touch screen makes it easy to operate to all users.

Idea was with this product to have unique modular platform that can be upgraded to any future development without changing hardware, only software upgrade that can be easy installed with micro SD card. With two analog input, two output, CAN bus and MODBUS connectivity all of that with our proven quality and long life, OC2017 makes respectable device that will fit service for long time and match all our costumers requirements and needs.


1.Measures the excess of oxygen (O2) directly in the flue gas channel after combustion.

2.Measures the level of oxygen content in protective gases.

3.Facilitates regulation and thus minimize the consumption of gases.

4.Measures and controls the consumption of protective gases in connection with welding.

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