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06.02.2019\\ update

Scan Tronic is greeting all its partners and loyal customers!

And such that we are extremally passionate of our work, we do want continually to share information about our new achievements.

We decided to get out of bounds and our office and to meet new clients, new partners and connections personally. Therefore, Scan Tronic is inviting all of you to participate in 3 different exhibitions, where Scan Tronic will expose its equipment for optimisation.

Prom-Volga 2019 (Volgograd, Russia) - 3rd-5th of April 2019

Elcom-Ukraine (Kiev, Ukraine)  - 9th-12th of April 2019

Machtech & Innotech Expo (Sofia, Bulgaria) - 15th-18th of April 2019

Do not hesitate to come and see us at any of the exhibitions mentioned before.

Looking forward to seeing a lot of you there.

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Oxygen Control Service

09.01.19 \\ service upgrade

OC2016 RS232 Interface

05.09.18 \\ software upgrade

New software avaible!!!

From 01.09.18 you may have a new software in your existing or new version of OC2016.(from nr:  101)

This system upgrade is what you wanted and now allowed you to use 2 OC2016 working together connected directly to PC with our new Accessory for G.T.104.130

Accessory for G.T.104.130

17.08.18 \\ New product

A new upgraded version of the G.T.104.130

24.07.2018 \\ New generation

Coming soon!

A new accessory for our guiding-tube is on its way. For those who are interested in this, we can reveal that this supplement will have two oxygen sensors, which will make it possible to have two parallel oxygen controls connected to the same system.

Want to know more?

Stay tuned and be the first one to find out our new product.

We’ve promised and we’ve done it.

Do you remember our old version of the guiding tube?

If not, it’s even better, because it’s already gone.

Scan Tronic worked on a new version of the G.T.104.130, which  was upgraded to an even faster response rate than it was before.

And it’s not all we are offering to you. The new version is the proof of a customization of our product. Therefore you will be able to have it in two length versions, based on your personal needs. The two length versions we offer are: 250 and 450 mm each.



06.02.2019\\ update

Oxygen Control Service

09.01.19 \\ service upgrade

OC2016 RS232 Interface

05.09.18 \\ software upgrade

A new upgraded version of the G.T.104.130

24.07.2018 \\ News generation

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