Year 2010

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Year 2010

Until 2010, the working process on further development of OC 2000 continued and turned up into an   upgraded version - OC2010 that has much better performance and new electronic components that speeded up the entire system.

OC 2010 is an oxygen controlling instrument, designed to measure the content of oxygen. The measurement is done using a heated cell made of zirconium dioxide (ZrO2) sitting with its active surface in direct contact with the flue-gas - hereby eliminating the use of filters and pumps during flue-gas sampling. Along with these unique features of the controller at that moment it was designed as being unaffected by changes in the flue-gas temperature, which opened new possibilities for using it.

Another version of the above mentioned controller is OC 2010 – LSU, which is an upgraded model with a more precisely balanced sensory technology due the change of sensor type and also including a LSU cable. This device was a device that was between 2 generations of development. Its successor will be fully upgraded to standards we have today and fully compatible with newest sensor technologies.

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