Year 2017

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Year 2017

The development of a new, unique modular platform started in 2017 and is expected to be launched at the beginning of 2019. The idea of this modular platform is that it can be upgraded to any future development, without changing the hardware, only with a software upgrade that can be easily installed with a micro SD card. The OC 2017 is designed to be compatible with almost all sensor technologies.

OC2017 is a flagged product of our development, with two analog inputs, two outputs, CANBUS and MODBUS connectivity, all of these with a proven quality and long-time life value. 

OC2017 tends to be categorized as a respectable device that will become the definition of an operating service for a long time, matching all our costumer’s requirements and needs, even making the use, by introducing a touch screen. 

The plan of development is respecting all its deadlines or maybe even succeeding them, such that currently we are in the last phase of testing.

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