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Customers and Partners

Scan Tronic operates its selling business using three types of relationships with its potential and existing accounts. Scan Tronic is providing its products to all people who are interested in using combustion optimizing products. Thereby in Scan Tronic isn’t inappropriate selling neither in B2B nor in the B2C sector. The only difference is set by the degree of customers’ willingness of further cooperation.

In case of a B2C cooperation, the relationships tend to acquire a transactional status, such that the further coordination is limited because of a minor need of customers to buy additional products.

The second type of relationship is set between Scan Tronic and its new B2B customers, which might be manufacturers of different types of products or measuring equipment distributors. In this case the partnership is following the idea of starting the building of trusting and long-term relationships.

The evolution of the above mentioned relationship to a key account one is described by setting a supplier-distributor status, which involves a mutual research and development process, supplying with finished goods or other types of partnerships.

Scan Tronic is continually looking for establishing new relationship, especially in the business-to-business sector. If you are willing to know more about a possible cooperation, please contact us.


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