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ScanTronic's equipment can be used with all types of fuels. Factors such as long life of the measuring cells, easy cell exchange and reasonable cell price render our products the best alternative for measuring excess oxygen in flue-gasses.

OC 2016

VEM 252

Flue Gas Control

ScanTronic ApS is an electronics company focusing its production on equipment for combustion optimizing based on measuring excess oxygen in the flue-gas.

All units are developed in close contact with burner maintenance technicians and both application and regulation are adapted very close to the standard procedures used at burner regulation.

ScanTronic's products are distributed by a number of exclusive distributors throughout Europe.

These distributors are divided in two types, namely: burner maintenance / retrofitting companies and general measuring equipment distributors.

End users are typically industry heating plants, district heating plants and thermal electricity plants.

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