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Fluegas -guidetube part number 104.130 is an accessory to Wide band lambda sensor OS 2014, available in two length versions(250mm/450mm). The flue gas tube has two functions. The first one is to direct the flow of flue gas direct through the sensor. The second function is to protect the sensitive parts inside the sensor from dust, from combustion, helping in this way to increase the life time of the sensor.

Technical Specifications

1.Filter cleaning: The filter can be cleaned manually or automatically using pressured air, 6 Bar

2.Installation side: Top side of the flue channel

3.Installation method: Flange mounted directly on the surface of the flue channel wall

4.Flange dimension: Outer diameter: Ø140 mm

5.Fitting: 4 pcs M10 free holes Ø95 mm

6.Cutout Insulation: A free hole minimum of Ø200 mm is cut in the insulation layer

7.The edge is covered with a suitable material.

8.Gasket: d=47 mm. D=88 mm. h = 3 mm Reinzit 34 or silicone rubber

9.Guide tube: Ø 38 tube 250mm/450mm long

10.Connections: M 18 x 1,5 thread for OS 2014 sensor

11.Cleaning: 8 mm. tube fitting for filter cleaning with pressurized air (6 Bar 500 mS every 30 minutes)

12.Materials: Stainless, acid proof steel ASIS 316

13.Temperatures: Flue gas temp. max . 400оС

14.Ambient temp. max. 100оС

15.Standard accessories: Supplied with 1 pc. Reinzit 34, gasket and 4 pcs. M10 x 20 self-tapping bolts


1.Cut a hole with a minimum diameter of 200 mm.  in the insulation of the flue gas channel.

2.Clean the metal surface carefully. In case of a cylindrical flue channel a flange adapter is available.

3.Cut and drill 5 holes. (a stencil 1:1 is present in the package).

4.Fit the gasket. With care a small amount of silicone rubber can be used, but the rubber must!!!! be complete hardened before the sensor are fitted. (silicone is poison for the sensor).

5.Place the flue gas guide tube in the hole with the “nose” upstream the gas flow.

6.Fit the self-tapping screws and tighten them carefully.

7.Fit the sensor.

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