RS232 Interface software

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RS232 Interface software



The OC2016 communicates via a standard RS232 port utilizing a simple three-wire interface. The only signals used are received data (RXD), transmitted data (TXD) and ground (GND).

It is preferred that the connection is done through a (moxa nport), to keep the connection galvanic isolated.

J3                       PC  DB9(female)

GND   1 ---- 5   GND

RX      2 <--- 3   TXD

T X     3 ---> 2   RXD

Test from HyperTerminal

Settings: 2400,n,8,1

Flow control:None

When the connection is established to the OC2016,

two data types can be received, shown by the first letter in telegram “a” and “v”.

All telegrams are terminated by CR Carriage Return, LF Line Feed.

a21.0 + CRLF It sends the display value every time it changes, or retransmit it every 10 sec.

v2.00 + CRLF If any character is sent to the OC2016 it response with version number.

General information:

Telephone/Mobile:     + 45 21 66 00 85


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