Sensor NS 2019

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Sensor NS 2019


Smart sensor system with integrated electronic controller plays central role in reducing nitrogen oxide emissions of modern diesel, gasoline and gas boilers and burners.

The smart NOx sensor was the first volume-produced emissions sensor capable of directly measuring low-PPM concentrations of a specific regulated pollutant. Previously, emissions sensors had only been capable of measuring excess or deficient oxygen for a given air-fuel ratio

NOx can operate from distance up to 100m via RS485 communication but with external power 12V supply.

Technical Specifications

1.Cable length - adaptable (up to 100m)

2.Insertion length - 29 mm

3.Thread - M18 x 1,5

4.Exhaust gas pressure - 1.5 bar

Working temperature:

6.Exhaust gas pressure - max. 900 C

7.Ambient temperature - 0 - 60 C

8.Calibration interval - auto



1.The NOx should be installed at a point, which permits the measurement of a representative exhaust-gas mixture, and which does not exceed the maximum permissible temperature.

2.Install at a point where the gas is as hot as possible.

3.Observe the maximum permissible temperature.

4.As far as possible install the sensor vertically.

5.The sensor is not to be fitted near to the exhaust pipe outlet, so that the influence of the outside air can be ruled out.

6.The exhaust-gas passage opposite the sensor must be free of leaks in order to avoid the effects of leak-air.

7.Protect the sensor against condensation water.

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