Flue Gas Analyzer

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flue gas analyzer


Flue Gas Analyzer


Flue Gas Controller is a modern flue gas analyzer platform for measurement of content in flue and emission gases at high temperatures. It is an advanced product with several editions of the product regarding of customers needs and desires. It is an upgradeable product that may have almost any sensor you desire. Upgrade of product is as well easy and it needs only to put memory card and the device will do the rest. It is a highly adaptive product and upgadeable for future decades of usage and all development that will come.

Technical Specifications


1.Measures the excess of fluegas content directly in the flue gas channel after combustion.

2.Measures the level of exhoust gases content in protective gases.

3.Facilitates regulation and thus minimize the consumption of gases.

4.Measures and controls the consumption of protective gases in connection with welding.

  1. Power supply - 230 V AC 50/60 Hz
  2. Power consumption - 30 VA
  3. Dimensions - H x W x D 244 x 159 x 65 mm
  4. Measuring range - 1.0 - 20.9% O2 and NOx (ppm)
  5. Display - Touch Screen
  6. Accuracy - ± 0.15%
  7. Ambient temperature - 60 °C
  8. Output signals - 2 x 0(4)-20 mA,
  9. Inputs - 2 x 0-10 V and standard 5 pin for OS2014 input
  10. Galvanic isolation - 300 V DC
  11. Alarms - 3 individually set levels
  12. Heat up time - Approx. 10 seconds
  13. Calibration - Atmospheric air and 1% (2%) O2 in N2 every 6 months
  14. Cable connections - 3+1 pcs. M16 and 1 pc. M20 cable glands
  15. Extra - memory card slot, RS485, CAN bus

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