Oxygen Control OC 2016

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Oxygen Control OC 2016


OC 2016 is an oxygen controlling instrument, designed to measure the content of oxygen. Because of the continuous process of O2 measurement, the fuel combustion is under a painstaking control, which will automatically minimize the harmful substances. Due to its innovative features it contains a signal amplifier a wide band sensor and a cable of connection between these two. OC2016 has proven to be one of the most quality devices on market with one of the best prices you can find.

Technical Specifications

1.Power supply - 230 V AC  50/60 Hz

2.Power consumption -30 VA

3.Dimensions -¬ H x W x D 244 x 159 x 65 mm

4.Measuring range -1.0 - 20.9% O2

5.Display - Seven segment L.E.D. display 1.0% O2 - 20.9% O2

6.Accuracy - ± 0.15%

7.Ambient temperature - 60 °C

8.Output signals - 0(4)-20 mA corresponding to 1% O2 - 20,9% O2 and/or RS232 interface

9.Galvanic isolation - 300 V DC

10.Alarms -2 individually set levels 1.0% O2 - 20.9% O2

11.Heat up time - Approx. 10 seconds

12.Calibration - Atmospheric air and 1% or 2% O2 in N2 every 6 months

13.Cable connections - 3+1 pcs. M16 and 1 pc. M20 cable glands


1.Measuring of excess oxygen (O2) directly in the flue gas channel after combustion.

2.Measuring the level of oxygen content in protective gases. Facilitates regulation and thus minimize the consumption of gases.

3.Measuring and controlling the consumption of protective gases in connection with welding.


  • Simple installation and maintenance
  • Rapid reaction (less than 5 seconds)
  • Simple and accurate setting of alarms
  • No pumps or other moving parts
  • Alarm for probe fault
  • Wide band sensor OS2014
  • Simple calibration
  • Attractive design in anodized aluminium

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