VEM Model 252




Visible Emission Monitor Model 252

Designed to measure dust and smoke from Furnaces,Incinerators, Boilers and industrial plant. Satisfying legal requirements to monitor smoke and particulate emissions into the atmosphere.

The Model 252 Visible Emission Monitor may be used to continually monitor and display optical density or opacity, and will also display particulate emissions when calibrated on the ISO-kinetic sampling principle.

The equipment comprises a digital indicator control unit suitable for panel mounting, transmitter and receiver units, complete with extension tubes for mounting to the flue or stack.

The Monitor can also be used to measure other opaque fluids, such as fume within tunnels, vapour, fog and dust discharged from extractors and machinery.



A visible beam of light is projected from the transmitter unit across the smoke path and onto a solid state sensor within the receiver unit. The light received varies as particles passing through the light beam absorb and scatter the light falling on the sensor. A sensor within the transmitter unit measures the light leaving the transmitter unit. The signal is received by a micro-processor based control unit, where the effects of ambient light are subtracted. The ratio of the resultant signal provide a stable drift free measurement of the light beam strength.

Additional calculations are completed within the control unit to provide a direct reading of particulates or dust density (MG M3).

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